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2014 р. Безпекознавство: теорія та практика (15.03 – 15.04.) [46]
2013 р. Менеджмент: розвиток, теорія та практика (15.11 – 15.12.) [102]
2013 р. Безпекознавство: теорія та практика (15.03 – 15.04.) [106]
2012 р. Менеджмент: розвиток, теорія та практика (15.11 – 15.12.) [79]
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Rybnikova N.O. , Rybnikov S.V. Enterprise Economic Security: a New Concept for a Known Problem

Enterprise Economic Security: a New Concept for a Known Problem

N. O. Rybnikova1,2, S. V. Rybnikov2

1Volodymyr Dahl East-Ukrainian National University, Luhansk

2Initiative to Contribute to Ecology-and-Economics Integration, Luhansk

Though relatively new, economic security (ES) is now one of the most popular concepts within the post-soviet economic thought. But this is quite another concept than it is used to think of in western world. It is attributed mainly to individuals as "a situation of having a stable source of financial income that allows for the on-going maintenance of one's standard of living currently and in the near future" [1]. Indirectly, this affects ES of a country: American ES Index is proposed to be "the share of Americans who experience at least a 25% drop in their available family income whether due to a decline in income or a spike in medical spending or a combination of the two, and who lack an adequate financial safety net to catch them when they fall" [3]. If interpreted in general, ES can be expanded to all economic agents, including companies; though, the latter happens relatively seldom, as Financial Times Lexicon states [2].

Contrary to this, Russian and Ukrainian researchers use ES mainly in the context of firms. Furthermore, what is called "enterprise ES" in the post-soviet literature goes much further than financial and informational aspects that are the very traditional subjects in western security theory. This remarkable interest in enterprise ES is caused by peculiarities of the post-soviet economies. On the one hand, economic instability is of the highest magnitude here. On the other, in immature market economies companies are more vulnerable: accustomed to functioning in a totally planned system for a long time, they still lack the experience in dealing with challenging unpredictable changes, in particular when it comes to customers' preferences, competitors’ strategies, state's regulation.

Being mostly a post-soviet phenomenon, enterprise ES, however, is relevant to economic science in general, since it is a tool to develop recommendations on how to manage companies in increasingly complicated and changing environment. The theory of enterprise ES contributes to revision of enterprise objectives – from maximizing profit toward providing sustainability. It is based on Herbert Simon's bounded rationality concept and is much akin to risk management and theory of reliability.



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Категорія: 2013 р. Безпекознавство: теорія та практика (15.03 – 15.04.) | Додав: EME (07.05.2013) | Автор: Rybnikova N.O. , Rybnikov S.V.
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1 Олександра Ляшенко  
"The theory of enterprise ES contributes to revision of enterprise objectives – from maximizing profit toward providing sustainability".
It is true. But we must remember that the methods provide economic progress of enterprise security may conflict with methods for providing sustainability.

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