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2014 р. Безпекознавство: теорія та практика (15.03 – 15.04.) [46]
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Stupnitskiy V.V., Sribna E.V. A theory of safety and its implementation

A theory of safety and its implementation

V. V. Stupnitskiy, E.V. Sribna

National university of water management and natural resources use, Rivne

Safety became the phenomenon that currently characterizes the modern period of the controversial world. Its practical and theoretical aspects require a new understanding and explanation.

Therefore the aim of the study is to evaluate the nature of safety from the standpoint of evolution of humanity and thus theoretical understanding of this category.

The safety issue in ancient times was perceived as essential in every social structure. In ancient philosophy the safety was seen in close connection with economic relations, which are based on the division of labor that defined slaves and free people. So, the safety was interpreted in the context of the establishment of political relations and social institutions to ensure the safety of citizens and the state. The logical conclusion of this idea was the Hellenistic period where were finally fixed the political and legal foundations of the concept of the safety. The Roman Empire determined the safety only through realization law, which officially was legislatively reserved and regulated all social and economic relations in society.

In the era of the formation of Christianity and the early Middle Ages, the safety was interpreted as an attribute of the divine providence and the function of faith. Characteristic feature of the Christian thought in this period is making moral and ethical dogmas according to which must be built worldly life all walks of life. In general has changed understanding of the safety, which became interpreted as a divine predestination of being. Cardinally has changed the safety principle: the ancient principle of self-preservation and surviving entity and state has become a principle of salvation and saving soul. This interpretation of the safety inevitably led to the loss of its social orientation.

During the formation of capitalism, the scientific understanding of the safety developed in line with the ideas of the so-called natural law, «the absence of property rights, the lack of possession, the lack of precise delimitation between mine and thine». This idea formed principles of natural law (personal freedom and private property) and created the possibility of the safety each individual and society in general, but did not guarantee it. Actually was a formed relationship of social contract that underlies the origin of the state, but did not provide any right. It was signed between people in order to ensure their observance and protection of their natural rights, including right of the safety.

Wars, revolutions of XX century have put forward the problem of the public safety on the first places in politics, economics and science. So, the safety of society characterized as the relationship of three components: political stability, economic prosperity, defense capability of the state, which in turn depend both on the specific internal and external parameters.

So, people joined together in society (the state), following the sense of self-preservation, for the safety and through the pursuit of happiness, and the state is obliged to guarantee them all their rights. In highly industrialized Western countries, which are characterized by high stable development as an economic and political system of society, the safety problem is reduced solely to provide external safety.

«The National Security Strategy» - a document of the United States, which the administration prepares and publishes annually as a declaration of the political course, produced by analyzing the capabilities of the country and those "challenges" with which it can encounter.

Therefore the American safety (actually a global) depends primarily on the approval of the leading USA role in the world. Proclaimed by the right to use any means to protect the interests of the United States, which applies to the whole world including the application of military actions and measures, while based on the economic and military superiority, freedom of political leadership, national unity on this issue. After the terrorist attack in the September 11, 2001 the USA National Security System was filled with the problem of terrorism, which has become a priority.

Hence, the safety is an integrative concept that expresses the degree of protection of the state from internal and external threats in all areas of its life. Furthermore, the real safety cannot and should not be achieved at the expense of other safety threats.

But if within the limits of market paradigm to examine the safety, the logical question arises about the unprofitable bulk of humanity which at a low level of income (population eats only limited resources).

Actually global elite carries out the physical destruction of the population. Destruction of out spontaneously acts on three models. The first model - the African, where the population is kept in poverty, social chaos and the exterminated diseases (AIDS plague, etc.). Model in Latin America, Eastern Europe and CIS countries - the destruction of the social methods when the middle class becomes the «slum-people». The Europe model involves the development of drug addiction (Switzerland referendum allows the use of heroin and official advertising mastodons (synthetic drugs)).

So the only way to realization the safety is a change goal, and thus the paradigm of humanity from the income to life for self-development and self-improvement based on spirituality. To implement this safety it is necessary to go beyond national borders and its own identity when a spiritual component will be crucial to human planet Earth.

Категорія: 2014 р. Безпекознавство: теорія та практика (15.03 – 15.04.) | Додав: EME (25.04.2014) | Автор: Stupnitskiy V.V., Sribna E.V.
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